5 Acres for sale

Price: Ksh 100.000.000
lamu beach plot

Price: Ksh 54.600.000
hotel for sale

Price: Contact us
langata 3 bedroom ...

Rent: Ksh 38.000

Price: Ksh 2.200.000

Price: Ksh 22.000.000
3 acres mombasa road

Price: Ksh 500
Bangalow for sale s...

Price: Ksh 11.000.000

Rent: Ksh 35.000
Riveside Drive

Price: Ksh 80.000.000
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Real Estate Market in Kenya

Kenya’s property market is at an all time high. Never has there been a better time to make investments in the number one financial growth profiler – real estate. The rushfollowing reasons are worth considering:-

  • It is estimated that the annual demand for new houses / homes in Kenya stands at 150,000 units. Yet only 30,000 are produced by all stakeholders to meet that demand. Another major concern among housing developers is diminishing land to put up buildings as well as ever escalating land prices.
  • Kenya has a well-developed building and construction industry. Quality engineering, building and architectural design services are readily available. If you a Kenyan in diaspora or otherwise, you are assured of lower cost of these services including labour as opposed to an abroad construction project. Yet there is a deep assurance that your real estate value will double with every passing hour. Mustard Agencies will link you to these professionals and further manage your property effectively and intelligently.
  • Indeed a reliable Property Index released recently seeking to analyse the Kenyan real estate sector trends covering the period up to the end of the first half of the year (2010) indicates that residential houses have appreciated by as much as 120 per cent in the country since 2005. Why wait for prices to triple? Mustard Agencies has studied all guerilla methodologies and are willing to lead you into a journey of discovery for an amazing multiplier effect.
  • It is proven that lack of funds has been a major stifler of real estate development. While this becomes readily available, the potential of Kenya's property market remains comparatively higher than other top-rated investment opportunities. When correct financial leverage is done, real estate provides the greatest advantage over other investment vehicles. Mustard Agencies will show you the secret of optimizing that can turn you into a respected mogul.
  • Real estate prices tend to rise with inflation. Its prices may even rise faster and higher especially in Kenya where there is limited supply. Its inelastic nature (insensitive to prices) means that , as demand increases prices will rise faster in this sector. Notwithstanding, real estate operating costs tend to be fixed and equally present a tax advantage because of the depreciation factor is deductible.
  • Multiplier effect is greater here. Owning a single property, may guarantee you to own many others in future taking the advantage of working with professionals like Mustard Agencies.
  • Its easy to add value to property than it would be to modify other assets. Re-doing the garden, a cabro lay-in, painting and many other ways easy ways of enhancing look and value.
  • Suffice it to say, that Mustard Agencies will start with you as you build or enhance your portfolio, and further give you the advantage of lower administration costs. We have an eye for seeking value-priced property and your chances of getting a real 'deal' are greater with us than elsewhere.

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