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Rent: Ksh 38.000

Price: Ksh 2.200.000

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Property Management Services

Mustard Agencies Ltd is a property managing agent in Nairobi, Kenya. We operate under a policy that provides a framework for mutual benefit and satisfaction, that is, us and our clients. It is important to state that:-

  • We endeavor to meet each property's particular requirements, provide unparalleled service to its residents, and maintain and enhance its value.
  • We are equally sensitive to the fact that where and how people live is a powerful and complex emotional issue, and the necessity of balancing our company's private objectives, the landlord's and the tenant is a conscientious matter. In other words, becoming any of the latter is important to us. We do not believe in frivolity and harassment,  and will, in times of crisis and distress, endeavor to work at equilibrium.
  • We endeavor to communicate likely changes previously unforeseen to our wider clientele in a manner that will foster understanding and cooperation. For example, changes in fiscal policies, utility prices, local government by-laws may call for future adjustments of service charges.
  • We have made proactive investments in a quality management style that paves for tenant retention and relationship building. We are currently undertaking a pilot project in utilization of ICT for service delivery, reporting and as a catalyst for growth.
  • Our team has distinguished integrity record. Property owners who have signed contracts with us can live without tension by resting assured that their monies will be remitted in time, their taxes duly paid and their tenants living in peace.The lead team has significant experience and real estate sector exposure, accounting and financial management qualifications & ICT. We believe that a combination of these elements and the personal attributes required for management of such a portfolio is the key to growth and the building of a strong real estate brand.
  • We have been actively building an online presence and exposure to ensure that your assignment is handled with a global perspective, its markets and opportunities.
  • We have systems and policies in place that are designed to market, lease, maintain, administer and account for your portfolio with us in an easy and transparent manner. Our associations and partnerships with key players in the property development sector, real estate publishing and consultancy give us a cutting edge over our peers.
  • We have in print, at our offices, documents available for your inspection, that document our operation procedures including such policies on Rent Arrears, Distress Management, Prepayments and other special areas of interest to both tenants and property owners.

Benefits of Property Management

  • House owners are kept away from tenants and this prevents certain compromises on either side and the relationship, as it should be, is handled professionally on a business platform provided by the property management agent (Mustard Agencies Ltd)
  • As opposed to individual tenants paying rent to a landlord in designated amounts in differing dates, we accept rent on behalf of the landlord and remit the same to the landlord's bank account in lumpsum at an agreed date. This means that the landlord can access lumpsum funds and resign the business of recovering fragmented payments to us.
  • We have the machinery, the know-how to market the landlord's vacant homes. We commit ourselves to ensure that a property is fully occupied at any given time.
  • Where preventive or other kind of maintenance is required, we have within easy reach, qualified persons to undertake these jobs e.g painting and renovations, while committing ourselves to become responsible for their service delivery.
  • Where situations arise, and they do, of delinquency, we undertake appropriate measures, within given laws to prevent loss of income.
  • Our clients are bound to benefit from our portal to access information current indices and benchmarks, trends and analysis of the real estate market


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